As is true of so much in life, photography takes place in the spaces in between, in the interludes from one point to the other, the journeys one takes from origin to destination. Which explains the title of this page.

You will find mostly architectural photography here. Architecture is based on two things, precedents and nature. And when precedent runs out, as it must at some point, especially from a photographic perspective, then you are left with nature, the original precedent.

That is a road I find myself going down, thinking of photography's place in the world as more than the simple documentation of the structures that inhabit it, and returning to nature, shaped by forces beyond our control, and all the more beautiful for it. Which accounts for the landscapes you will also find here.






                                                                          “When words become unclear,

                                                                           I shall focus with photographs.                                                                                        When images become inadequate,

                                                                           I shall be content with silence.”


                                                                                                                   Ansel Adams